Battery, charger battery, inverter and industrial UPS

Repair and maintenance of battery, Charger battery, Inverter and Industrial UPS

 One of the company's specialized activities is the repair and maintenance of acidic batteries and industrial alkaline batteries, industrial charger battery, industrial inverters and industrial UPS.

In this regard, periodic routines of batteries are performed. Depending on the type of battery and the period of the routines, these routines include cleaning surfaces, measuring voltage, measuring the density of batteries, wrenching batteries connections, testing of battery loading by a virtual load device and performing the battery recovery process. If it is needed. During the mentioned processes, the information and facts obtained from the test and other matters are recorded in the designed log sheet and reviewed periodically.

The routines are designed by this company for maintaining and extending the battery life of chargers, inverters and UPSs, according to the instructions in the appropriate time are used. The company has the necessary equipment such as virtual load that the company can perform all kinds of necessary routines.

One of the successful experiences of this company has been repaired and maintained battery, charger battery, inverter and industrial UPS of Iran Oil Pipelines and Telecommunication Company.